I don’t even know where to start now.. 

Wait. Is this a rant?

It doesn’t mean that I give stuff to other people means I want to show off. It doesn’t mean that I am always happy I don’t get hurt. It doesn’t mean that I rant on things means I am insensitive.

People doesn’t know the true me. And I, myself, don’t know anything about them. Be sensitive sometimes when you rant, when you backstab or when you destroy a person’s dignity. Is the rant that you’re saying is really a true rant or just a way-to-be-popular-rant? Does backstabbing will help you or will benefit you? Does destroying a person’s dignity will satisfy you? No. No. No.

Don’t just look on one side, but look on the both side. You may say: “What the heck?”, “Who cares?”, “Oh look! I just found a WANNA BE!” or even worse “Fck off girl!”, but really?

Oh well, forget it. I just want to release this stress. But people, don’t just look on yourself but the situation of other people too.

Peace and hugs guys! :))


I just wanted a gifset of all three… (x,x,x)

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Paintings by Truls Espedal

Happy new year everyone! :)


Guys With Fancy Lady Hair

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